Chair yoga is the last word lazy lady exercise

Chair yoga is the ultimate lazy girl workout

The following time you are within the temper to bend and stretch however do not feel like getting up or rolling out your yoga mat, keep proper the place you might be and check out chair yoga as an alternative. Not solely is it essentially the most snug and inexpensive fashion of yoga, it is also tremendous helpful.

Chair yoga is a mild type of yoga and stretching that is performed utilizing a chair for assist, says Stella Stephanopoulos, CorePower yoga teacher and founding father of On a regular basis Endorphins. As a substitute of, say, ahead folding on the mat, you will be sitting up and reaching in your toes from the consolation of your chair. Every motion is customized from conventional yoga poses and modified to be carried out whereas sitting or in a chair, says Dr. Brian Gans, MD, a double board-certified doctor and yoga instructor.

This type of yoga works as an effective way to stretch whereas sitting at your desk, Stephanopoulos tells Bustle. You are able to do this proper in your workspace. It is also an excellent choice when you’ve got restricted mobility, low power, an harm, or when you’re utterly new to yoga. One of many most important benefits of chair yoga is its accessibility to a variety of individuals, Stephanopoulos says. In case you’re simply on the lookout for a strategy to ease into your apply whereas constructing power and adaptability, chair yoga has your again. It may be practiced wherever, and it is a straightforward strategy to incorporate brief stretches into your routine to extend flexibility and handle your stress, she provides. This is the best way to get began with 11 body-stretching yoga poses.


Solar salutations

To begin your chair yoga apply or to shortly wrap up a stiff again, attempt the seated solar salutation.

– Begin in a seated place together with your toes firmly planted on the bottom.

– Inhale and lift your arms above your head.

– Lengthen your arms lengthy and attain the information of your fingers to the sky.

– Exhale and decrease your palms to your chest.

– Start to fold ahead, rounding your backbone.

– Pause, then inhale and rotate one vertebra and carry the pinnacle one final time.

-Roll your shoulders up, again and right down to loosen the shoulder blades.

– Repeat 2 to three rounds.



From there, Stephanopoulos recommends shifting into cat-cow pose, which stretches the backbone. Often, that is performed on all fours on a mat, however in chair yoga you may keep proper the place you might be.

– Sit on the chair with an extended backbone.

– Maintain each your toes firmly on the ground.

– Place your arms close to your knees or tops of your thighs.

– Inhale deeply as you arch your backbone and lookup on the ceiling.

– Drop your shoulders away out of your ears and open your chest for cow pose.

– Spherical your backbone as you exhale and drop your chin to your chest.

-Interact your core so your glutes pull into your backbone for cat pose.

– Slowly repeat the cat-cow sequence for five breaths.


Fold ahead

Ahead chair bends can stretch your hamstrings, decrease again, and hips, Gans says. As a bonus, it is also nice for menstrual cramps.

– Sit on a chair, put your toes flat on the ground and put your arms in your thighs.

– Inhale and lengthen your backbone whereas sitting up.

– Exhale and slowly fold your hips ahead, reaching your arms towards your toes or the ground.

– Enable your head to hold heavy and your neck to calm down.

– Take just a few gradual breaths, feeling the stretch in your thighs and decrease again.

– When you’re prepared to come back out of the pose, inhale and slowly roll again right into a seated place.

– Repeat 3 to five occasions.


A twist of the backbone

A spinal twist will make your mid again, chest, shoulders and hips really feel model new. It may possibly additionally relieve delicate again ache and enhance digestion, Gans says.

– Sit on a chair, put your toes flat on the ground and put your arms in your thighs.

– Inhale and lengthen your backbone whereas sitting up.

– Exhale and slowly bend to the fitting, inserting the left hand on the fitting knee and the fitting hand on the again of the chair.

– Inhale and lengthen your backbone whereas sitting up.

– Exhale and deepen the twist by gently turning your head to look over your proper shoulder.

– Take 3 to five gradual breaths, feeling the stress in your backbone and higher again.

– When you’re prepared to come back out of the pose, inhale and slowly launch the twist, returning to a impartial seated place.

– Repeat the activate the opposite facet.


Sitting pigeon

Stephanopoulos suggests doing the pigeon pose to loosen tight glutes.

– Sit excessive in your chair.

– Carry your proper ankle to cross over your left thigh.

– Bend your leg.

– Fold the thigh over the thigh.

– Go forward.

– Maintain for 3 to five breaths.

– Repeat with the left leg to stretch the left facet.


Prolonged facet angle

Add a seated prolonged lateral angle to extend your flexibility and enhance core power. Stephanopoulos breaks it down.

– Maintain your toes firmly on the ground and your again lengthy.

– Inhale, then exhale and fold ahead.

– Drop your fingertips to the ground and spherical your backbone.

– Carry your left hand to the skin of your left leg or place your hand on a block to extend your attain.

– Twist and attain your proper arm as much as the ceiling, opening your chest as you lookup on the sky.

– Maintain just a few breaths.

– On exhalation, convey your proper hand again.

– Repeat on the opposite facet.


Eagle place

Eagle pose on a yoga mat requires a ton of stability, whereas eagle pose on a chair is completely cool.

– Sit together with your backbone lengthy and your shoulders away out of your ears.

– For Eagle Pose, cross your proper thigh over your left thigh.

– If potential, wrap your proper leg across the complete left calf.

– Brace your leg across the left ankle.

– Go your left hand over your proper.

– Carry your elbows collectively and your palms collectively.

– Stretch your fingers in direction of the ceiling.

– Align your elbows together with your shoulders.

– Maintain for 3 to five breaths.

– Take your self off and repeat on the opposite facet.

8 o’clock

Goddess Pose

Tara Jacobson, MS, ACSM, yoga instructor and kinesiology school member at Santa Rosa Junior School, likes the goddess chair pose. It is a juicy stretch in your arms and shoulders, in addition to your neck, again and hips.

– Begin sitting in a chair together with your hips, knees, toes and hips collectively and your arms resting in your hips.

– Inhale and sit tall and straight.

– Exhale and pull your legs out into a large snug place.

– Maintain your knees over your ankles together with your toes barely bent.

– Inhale and attain your proper arm up and facet to left, widening the fitting facet of your physique as you exhale.

– Repeat on the opposite facet.

– Subsequent, place your arms in your thighs nearer to your knees.

– Inhale, then exhale and drop your left shoulder down and look over your proper shoulder, shifting to twist the backbone.

– Repeat within the different path.

– On the following inhalation, slide your arms in order that they’re grasped in entrance of your knees.

– Push your shoulders again and sit as much as increase your chest.

– As you exhale, arch your backbone, rounding your again as you pull your stomach button in to drag in your tailbone.

– Pull your chin to your chest.

– Repeat this stream 3 times.


Warrior II:

Making a second warrior on a chair is one other factor that throws the stability out of stability, making a stiff stance a bit extra potential. You’ll really feel it in your hips, again and backbone.

– Sit excessive in your chair.

– Stretch your proper leg to the facet.

– Level your left leg in the wrong way with the knee bent.

– Lengthen your arms like a T.

– Carry your left hand over your left knee, then lengthen your left hand over your head.

– Slide the fitting hand down in direction of the fitting leg.

– Repeat a number of breaths on either side.


Blissful child pose

Often the blissful child pose is in your again as you swing your legs within the air. If that appears a bit a lot, or if you would like a fast hamstring stretch in the midst of the work day, do it in a chair.

– Sit excessive in your chair.

– Open your legs broad.

– Take a deep breath, exhale and lean ahead.

– Really feel pressure within the again and neck space.

– To go additional, attain in your ankles.

– Maintain your toes.

– Let your head cling heavy.

– Take away any discomfort.

– Take 3 to five deep breaths.

– Return.



Sure, you can too do savasana in chair yoga. For this pose, you often lie in your again, however the chair selection forces you to take a seat with intention. The last word objective continues to be the identical: relaxation and reset.

– Sit in your chair with good posture.

– Put your toes firmly on the bottom.

– Put your arms in your thighs.

– Shut your eyes.

– Take a gradual, deep breath in by means of your nostril and out by means of your mouth.

– Take into account stress-free all of your muscle groups.

– Really feel within the current second.

– Bonus factors. play spa music or hearken to inexperienced noise.

– Slowly return your consideration to the room and go about your day.

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